Yukon Summer Music Camp

Yukon audiences will have the enjoyment of hearing a variety of music performed by musicians from their own community and from across Canada through performances held at Yukon Arts Centre and "in The Pit" located in the foyer of Yukon College. These performances are free to the public.


Monday July 24 - Stories in Voice

From classical to jazz and everything in between, join vocal teachers Caity Gyorgy, Renn Madeleine-Bibeau, and Hannah Mazurek for an afternoon of song, accompanied by Andy Salde
The Pit- Yukon University

Tuesday July 25 - Songwriter's Circle

Songwriters Steve Slade, Jack Walcher-Wegmann, and Renn Madeleine-Bibeau share their original songs and the stories behind them.
The Pit- Yukon University

Wednesday July 26 - Musical Soup 2.0

For the second year in a row, Andrew and Julie Scott bring us a concert of anything and everything, joined by Annie Avery. We can't wait to see what they cook up!
The Pit- Yukon University

Thursday July 27 - Classical Hour

From Bach to Bartok, join our classically-inclined faculty as they lead us through their favourite repertoire. This concert will feature pianist Jamie Phillips-Freedman and cellist Nico Stephenson.
The Pit- Yukon University

Thursday July 27 - Kids Songs Greatest Hits

Join Dianne Homan for a musical sing along at lunch. After years of teaching in elementary schools and singing regularly with kids, Dianne has a unique, fun, and engaging repertoire of kids' songs. They all include physical movements as well as clues to how music works. Come sing the "Tale of Raven", "Dog Dog Good Dog", the "Wishy Washy Washerwoman" and many more. Be prepared to record so you can take the songs home, or to school, with you! There is no charge for this class.
Room A2603 at Yukon University | 12:00pm

Friday July 28 - Kinderspiel

Our smallest Music Camp students present their week of work. Plus, a special performance by the Family Drum Circle, led by Andrew and Julie Scott.
The Pit- Yukon University