Yukon Summer Music Camp

Sophia Marnik

Andrea McColeman

James McCullough

Glenn Rudman

Lillian Strauss

Doug Thorseth

Shari Heal

Lisa Christensen


Katherine McCallum



Yukon Music Camp Society (YMCS) is a non-profit organization registered under the Yukon Societies Act. Our purpose is to assist in the education of Yukon musicians by sponsoring and organizing music camps in the Yukon.


A summer music camp program has been offered in Whitehorse since 1987. The Yukon Music Teachers' Association organized the Summer Music Camp for many years and its continual growth and success led to the creation in 1999 of the Yukon Music Camp Society. The society has organized the annual Yukon Summer Music Camp ever since.

Local professional musicians, music teachers, parents and music enthusiasts are all represented on the society’s Board of Directors and our range of interests are directly reflected in the design of the classes offered by the camp. We always welcome suggestions for classes.

We’re fortunate enough to receive funding to hire a paid coordinator who manages administration, production and the day-to-day operation of the camp.

The society is grateful for the support of local associations involved in music education and performance including: Yukon Music Teachers’ Association, Suzuki Strings Association, Whitehorse Community Choir, Yukon Music Educators’ Association, Whitehorse Concerts, Yukon Arts Centre and Jazz Yukon.


The Yukon Music Camp Society would like to thank the following funders for helping to make music camp a reality

  • Lotteries Yukon
  • Arts Fund
  • Community Development Fund
  • City of Whitehorse

And the following businesses and individuals who have made generous donations toward the Yukon Summer Music Camp

  • Yukon College
  • Yukon Arts Centre
  • Tangerine Technology
  • G-P Distributing Inc.
  • Ecological Logistics & Research Ltd.
  • Horizon Helicopters
  • Integraphics Ltd
  • Dr. Reddoch