Yukon Summer Music Camp

Musical Minds B ( 0-2 years)

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Musical Minds is designed for babies (and early childhood) to support motor skills, musical awareness and cognition. 


The cognitive skills (knowing and perceiving) are developed at an early age.  Research suggests that music enhances intelligence, coordination, emotional expression, creativity, and socialization. Using a variety of instruments and fun musical themes, Musical Minds nurtures this process by providing the environment necessary to further enhance these essential skills along with the basic foundations of musical language; rhythm and tone.


Little ones are enlightened with instrument exploration, rhythmic play, song and dance, vocal exercises, and musical stories. 


While completing her Masters of Education, Lianne Cranfield devoted major research to studying the multiple benefits of early exposure to music for children.  "Lianne's warm approach, musical expertise and  high energy have proven to be a winning combination, well received by all our children, staff and parents"  Jill, Centre Coordinator at Paradise Children's Centre


The research...

Music has been found to stimulate every area of the developing brain, and similar studies with youngsters have linked early musical exposure to superior motor skills and improved social abilities.  


"Music is a Wonderful Mind Weaver!" Don Campbell


This course is for moms, dads, babies and pregnant mothers with the unborn child! A most beautiful sharing circle. 


*Every child should be accompanied by an adult

Location: Yukon Arts Centre- Gallery

When: Monday to Friday, 10:00am - 10:50am

Cost: $85.00

Teacher(s): Lianne Cranfield

Seats Taken: 0 / 9

Maximum Age: 2.0

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