Yukon Summer Music Camp

Mother Gooses Ukulele Bootcamp

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learn with the old woman in a shoe...

Steve Slade has taken over 50 mother goose nursery rhymes and turned them into Ukulele exercises and studies. All the big hits are represented: Humpty, Rosie, Jill and all the Jacks (Sprat, Horner, etc). The various Little's are there (Bo Peep, Tommy, et al) as well as the ones about about falling bridges, babies, cats, fiddles, haystacks, pumpkins and lots of baking.

Most of you will know the melodies, if not all the words.

These short little musical snippets will help you learn and practice playing melodies, double stops, powerful little 2 & 3 note chords, and eventually slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, barre chords and more.

In the Mother Goose’s Ukulele Boot Camp series there are always two parts. The melody line(sometimes w harmony included) & the accompaniment (or chordal) rhythm.

The mother goose’s ukulele boot camp exercises will help give you the tools to forge ahead on melodies, play ‘back up’ on fiddle tunes, groove on the reggae tunes, hold down the ‘backbeat’ and play smack dab ‘in the pocket’ on classic pop songs like Neil Diamonds ‘sweet caroline’.

Students should have a couple years ukulele experience. 

Location: Yukon University-A2601

When: Monday to Friday, 5:00pm - 5:55pm

Cost: $95.00 $109.25

Teacher(s): Steve Slade

Seats Taken: 0 / 8

Minimum Age: 15.0

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