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Find your voice

FIND YOUR VOICE will support you holistically in accessing your authentic voice! 


Find your voice is for anyone seeking to empower their voice further and beyond! Lianne supports your breakthrough moments whether you have only dreamed of singing or are an experienced singer wanting to gain more confidence and skill.  You will learn how to access that wonderful and fearless speaker, singer or performer within! 


 Through simple exercises and vocal strengthening techniques, one on one mini lessons and supportive group activities, this course aims to help you free yourself from the emotional, physical, social or spiritual blocks that no longer serve you. 


 Each student’s needs are considered on an individual basis, and will be provided with skills to expand range, explore different vocal colours, develop stage presence, self-confidence… and more. 


 Lianne is passionate about the unfolding stories of who we are individually and collectively as she supports you in unleashing the power of your true voice! 


 Lianne has taught this program for over 20 years and it has been proven to be highly transformative for her students, many calling her their second psychologist. Get ready for a real breakthrough, supported with love and years of experience. 


  “May your voice reach that Place, with a capital P, and bring down the blessings.” Leonard Cohen


 Discover a voice you love or learn to love your voice more deeply! 




"The singing lessons I took with Lianne over many months made an incredible impact on my life. When I met Lianne I had just moved to Canada from Australia. I decided to take lessons, not necessarily to become a “singer” but, in the hopes of improving my confidence. I was shy, awkward and a very lost young woman.The hours I spent with Lianne were far more than just singing lessons, they were like weekly therapy sessions. It was my first experience with “therapy” and it changed my life. The time we spent talking started me on a journey of self discovery and has made me the strong, independent woman I am today.


And the biggest surprise to me was that these lessons actually gave me the confidence to get up and sing at an open mic night, something I would have never dreamed I’d have the confidence to do. I fondly remember these singing lessons and will always cherish them and the impact they had on many life.


    -Melanie Turnbull

Location: Yukon University- A2204

When: Monday to Friday, 4:00pm - 4:55pm

Cost: $95.00 $85.50

Teacher(s): Lianne Cranfield

Seats Taken: 4 / 4

Minimum Age: 16.0

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