Yukon Summer Music Camp

Smart Chords

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When we first learn guitar we tend to gravitate to the ‘cowboy’ chords and strum five to six string chords.

Sometimes, less is more.

In this class you’ll learn how to play with little finger movement. You’ll learn three songs that use a multitude of major and minor chords. And you’ll see how you can move from one chord to another by moving just one or two fingers, allowing you to focus more of your attention on your right hand, singing and group interaction.

Requirements: Age 14+ For intermediate students who have a basic working knowledge of the following basic chords (G-A-D-C-E-AmEm) on their instruments

Location: Yukon College Room A2714

When: Monday to Friday, 6:50pm - 7:50pm

Cost: $95.00 $109.25

Teacher(s): Steve Slade

Seats Taken: 4 / 10

Minimum Age: 14.0

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