Yukon Summer Music Camp

Guitar Pro 7.6

Guitar pro 7 pic

Guitar Pro 7.6 is simply the BEST music software we have found for working with fretted instruments. While there are other great composition, transcription, practice and educational software packages out there, most of them are keyboard based and miss out on some of the nuances that fretted instruments utilize. There is tablature for all instruments in any tuning, regular notation as well as rhythmic notation for those trying to put together a drum track.

Steve uses it with his private students and in the work he does within the rural school systems. In fact, this software is now part of the educational software that ALL Dept of Education teachers can access for FREE!

The old wooden triangular metronome on your mother’s piano has gone digital and brought along the entire band. Learn how to optimize the software to enhance your musical learning and teaching experience.

+ Laptop with the GP7.5 software loaded on it.
Quite a few of you already have the program.
For the newbie, Steve can steer you in the right direction for the software before camp. There are FREE month long downloads that you can access to try it out.
INFO: https://www.guitar-pro.com/c/13-guitar-pro-overview

Location: Yukon University- C1540

When: Monday to Friday, 6:50pm - 7:45pm

Cost: $95.00 $109.25

Teacher(s): Steve Slade

Seats Taken: 0 / 10

Minimum Age: 13.0

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Please note: Late fees apply if registering after July 17, 2022