Yukon Summer Music Camp

Beginner Piano for Youth

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Is someone in your household itching to play piano? Thinking of signing up for formal piano lessons but want to get a taste first? This is just the class for piano-curious kids! Nothing’s as enjoyable and safe as learning something new in a group. In this small, inclusive and flexible class, we’ll start right at the beginning and work towards playing melodious tunes together and solo by the end of the week. This class is for absolute beginners.


Location: Yukon University- A2712

When: Monday to Friday, 11:20am - 12:15pm

Cost: $95.00 $109.25

Teacher(s): Renn Madeleine Bibeau

Seats Taken: 5 / 5

Minimum Age: 12.0

Maximum Age: 15.0

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Please note: Late fees apply if registering after July 17, 2022